Hello!! EUDY Academy is an exciting and new concept by the European Union of the Deaf Youth (EUDY). The Academy is a platform where knowledge will be shared with European Deaf young people, up to 30 years old. This platform is fully “bi-lingual”, everything is in written English and International Signs.

The basic idea is to have three different categories of information: terminology (where you can learn what words mean and in which context they are used), themes (information about a specific topic) and ‘train the trainers’ (with different tools with which participants can follow different courses and earn points, all developed by EUDY, through e-learning).

Information and tools developed during our camps, study sessions and other activities can be shared on this new website. Maybe in the future it will even be necessary to follow some courses or to earn a certain amount of points before you can join a working group.

So.. this website will always be in progress, as we continuously aim to update the Academy with new topics and themes. So keep watching the website!